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Storytime: Building The Heart + Soul Of Your Brand

Discover how to define the core elements of your brand so you can show up authentically in today’s crowded market. This presentation is best suited for entrepreneurs who do not currently have a brand strategy in place and are looking to create one. Accompanying workbooks are available. 


The Stand-Out Website Blueprint: Maximizing Your Investment

Embarrassed by your current website? Outgrown it? Don't have one yet? Whether you’re hiring a professional or going the DIY route, don’t invest a dime until you hear this presentation. Learn what you need to prepare for before you make this major investment of your time, money, and energy. Avoid common pitfalls and blind spots in today’s online world and transform your website into your strongest marketing asset.  Suitable for all individuals and organizations who are looking to increase their online visibility. 




The Purpose-Driven Business Plan: Bringing Your Vision To Life

You’ve got passion for what you do, but do you truly have a plan? This is not your standard schpeel about business planning, but an inside-out view of defining success on your own terms. Learn what it really takes to bring your dreams to fruition. Suitable for entrepreneurs of all levels. Accompanying workbooks are available. 


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